Shipyard Sirens

Founded in the summer of 2011, Shipyard Sirens are Fog City Rollers’ A Team. When the team first formed, it was made up of members of FCR’s two home teams, Scarlet Swarm and Razor Girls. There was a lot of apprehension and nerves in those beginning days since the rivalry between the two home teams had been renowned and very much celebrated by the fans in Saint John.

Could these women work together? Could they play together? Would they be sharing secret home team strategies accidentally? All these uncertainties were quickly eased by the time they played their first bout on September 17th, 2011. Although this first game was a loss, it was a win in so many more important ways for FCR that brought the women from these two opposing home teams closer, on and off the track.

When FCR hosted the Roller Derby Association of Canada (RDAC) tournament in the Atlantic, The Slay of Fundy, in September of 2012, it was obvious to everyone that the members of Shipyard Sirens had grown tremendously resilient and had become 100% dedicated to their cohesion as a team.

Today, these women are a formidable force to be reckoned with in Atlantic Canada.



Portside Pirates

The Pirates are FCR’s B team. They formed in 2014 when our league restructured to an A / B structure. It brought players from the former home teams the Razor Girls and Scarlet Swarm together and well as a whole crew of new players. 2014 was a very successful first year with a number or wins, lots of learning and a ton of fun and growing together! The Pirates now have their sights set on the 2016 season and are going confident it’s going to be the best season yet!






Former Teams:

Razor Girls

The razor girls were a ruthless gang of cyberpunk assassins, lead by their fearless coach ZZ Slop! They wore their gang colors of black and silver from their formation in April 2010 until the final game in the fall of 2013. In a tight roving pack, they stalked their targets on the track.


Razor Girls

Scarlet Swarm

In spring of 2010 Scarlet Swarm appeared suddenly on the Saint John harbor front. Out of the fog they skated, speaking their strange Pidgin English, confounding and intimidating all who witnessed their conception within Fog City Rollers. Some believe they floated in on driftwood from some long lost colony off the coast, some believe they broke free of a top secret eugenics lab, or were released by some sick mind! Alas we will never know, for they do not deign to learn our tongue, nor to teach their own.

Scarlet Swarm lived up to their name by the flurry of relentless abuse they dished out to all who opposed them. The childish delight that light up their faces as they crushed, smashed, walled-in and pushed out opponents can only be described as charmingly disturbing. Regardless of the outcome, no bout against Swarm was ever considered an easy ride. Their stamina for festivities could be likened to the days-long healing dance of the San Bushmen of the Kalahari, except with the addition of alcohol and body checks.

Suzie Skinher retains the crown for best booty shaker in ALL OF THE WORLD! The strength in Scarlet Swarm can be found in the diversity and companionship of its skaters, the majority of whom have been together since the founding of the league.

Scarlet Swarm