August Skater of the Month: Josey Ramoan, Shipyard Sirens

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Josey Ramoan I wish I had started playing roller derby years ago. Back when the league first got together in Saint John, I would go to every game and always leave thinking to myself, ‘that looks like crazy fun!’ There were a million excuses for putting it off… I didn’t have time, I wasn’t fit enough, I was a little bit scared blah blah blah… but once I finally committed, everything worked itself out – AND I’M HAVING THE BEST TIME!

I love the inclusiveness of the sport, I love the wide range of people that it attracts both in players and fans, and I love how it’s just a little badass. The Fog City Rollers are an amazing bunch of people who are really passionate about this sport. Every practice is encouraging and every game is a wonderful rush of adrenaline. I am stronger now than I ever have been, and it feels really, really good.