For the Love of the Game

Friday, October 28, 2011


Capital City Roller’s jammer coming up on Fog City Rollers Courtesy of Roy Crawford

So it was our last bout of the season this past Saturday.  Everyone was starting to feel the burnout of a long season and the energy has been waning a little due to a large percentage of the league that has been training, practicing and bouting for 18 months now. We are realizing there is a reason sports have off seasons! But still, we were stoked for this game. This was only the second bout for our travel team, The Shipyard Sirens. 

As soon as we walked into the Capital Exhibition Center in Fredericton the energy level jumped. What a fantastic venue! It’s by far my favorite venue to date. It was like circus derby! There are murals on the walls; strange shapes that look like olives and cheese slices hanging from the ceiling and once the crowd started piling in you could really get a feel for the intimacy of this space.  


View of the crowd from the floor

View of the crowd from the floor Courtesy of Roy Crawford

Our hosts were amazing, leaving drinks and candy apples in our locker room (and after the bout they brought us a cooler full of beer!). Capital City Rollers: you have taught us to up our hosting game! Well played!! 

As soon as the game started it was clear that the crowd was there to cheer on their home team with all their hearts. It was the highlight of the entire event for me. It made for a completely different experience on the track because you were so close (no glass between the audience and the players like there is at our home arena, the LBR) and connected to the fans. It was the first time that (to my knowledge) we’d been audibly booed, and I loved it! That’s what you want – you want the fans to be excited, passionate, engaged! 

 The ladies from the Capital City Rollers (accompanied by a couple of our Muddy River Roller sisters) put up a heck of a fight. They build some seriously solid walls and hit like they meant it! We maintained a lead throughout the whole game, but in the second half I had a few minutes of “Oh crap!” – The Daisy Cutters came back after half time with determination.

 We won the game, which, of course is a great feeling. But for this derby girl, the win was secondary to the overall atmosphere and mood of this event. It was joyous, uproarious and FUN! It felt like every single girl on that track was there for the right reasons – for the love of the game, not for the win. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Capital City Rollers for doing such a bang up job. 

 Derby love, 

 Ryder Wrong

Atlantic Canadian Roller Derby

Capital City Rollers & Fog City Rollers all smiles post-bout Oct. 2 Courtesy of Roy Crawford