July 2015 Member of the Month

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Jen Blair (Slami Brady)

I don’t know what makes me more excited, the fact that Fog City Rollers is now changing their “Skater of the Month” program to a “Member of the Month” to recognize Skaters, Referees, Non Skating Officials (NSOs) and Volunteers … OR that I was chosen as the first “Member of the Month” … Yay!!

I’ve been a member of the Fog City Family for a couple of years now. I loved to roller skate as a kid in the 80s. Remember the days? Disco balls, glow sticks, neon clothes, and spending time with all of your friends skating around in circles for hours. I never claimed to be a great skater but I have always loved doing it! After not even looking at skates in twenty some years, I heard about roller derby, ordered skates and started Fresh Meat all within one blur of a week! I didn’t even know what roller derby was about, I’m pretty sure it was the start of my mid-life crisis and I just wanted a piece of my youth back :). After holding on to the wall and inching my way around the gym, I knew this was for me. derby2first


When you join roller derby, you are instantly part of a bigger community. That community works together to pull together everything that you see when you come to a game. The first game that I ever went to I was the Scoreboard Operator assistant. Wow, I learned a lot that night! I was also freaked out a little bit watching the bout and wondering what the heck I had gotten myself into!! The next game I was at my job was to work the merchandise table. Everybody plays their part and every part is important but I really missed being down where the action was! Since then I’ve been the Scoreboard Operator. When people ask me what I play in derby (meaning things like blocker/jammer/pivot), I respond saying I play scoreboard 🙂 – that is my role and I always ask for the same job.

Being a NSO is very rewarding and I recommend that everyone who has the opportunity take the time to do it. You don’t have to be a skater to be a part of what makes derby what it is!  Other roles that I’ve done at times include Twitter updater, Facebook updater, and most recently webpage updater. I can tell you from what I’ve seen that a lot of work goes on behind the scenes. A lot of dedicated people run this non-profit organization and they all deserve a cheer!

derby7 As far as skating itself goes, I may not be the fastest at learning my skills but that does not bother me. Well not most of the time. I’ll be honest I’ve thought about giving up a time or two. And every time I do think about quitting I think about what I would be giving up – the progress that I’ve made since that first night, the friends that I’ve made, the coaches who have put effort into helping me, and the pure joy and sense of accomplishment that I feel after practice. It is that feeling that keeps me coming back … Nope, not giving that up anytime soon.
Thanks for reading my story. I still can’t believe that the person who is usually bugging skaters to write up something for the website is writing something up herself!! I wonder if they are going to make me post it too? Hmmm 😉 derbyjen