Women’s Flat Track Derby Association – how to play derby, rules, regulations, officiating, news – basically everything you could possibly want to know  about derby. Watch bouts (games) live, or go back into the archives and watch all the derby you can handle, get the latest scores, and news on and Canuck Derby TV.
News, reviews, training, drills, health & fitness, the business side of things, info for beginners and a whole lot more can be found at – A great derby blog where you can find features on skaters and coaches, reviews of recent bouts, scores & rankings, and helpful tips. – Online forum where you can talk derby to folks all over the globe. – The name pretty much sums it up: it’s derby events, people, news, info, articles, advice all wrapped up in a neat little website! – Drills, lots and lots of derby drills.
Feb 2012 MTLRD Training Camp Notes