October Skater of the Month: Ryder Wrong, Shipyard Sirens

Monday, October 6, 2014

Oct Skater Pam It’s hard to imagine what life was like before derby. It’s so interwoven into all aspects of my life now, it just belongs there.

I joined FCR before it was even officially FCR. I have been around since that fateful first “practice” at the skate park. I joined because I thought it was bad ass and I’d find lots of other like minded people to bound with. What I found was so much more. Yes I found like minded people, but I also got to meet so many people who were not the people I would typically hang out with, and that’s been a real treasure: finding common ground with people I, very wrongly, assumed I had nothing in common with. I also found strength and determination in myself that I never knew was there. And I found my competitive side (where had THAT been hiding?!).

I didn’t know how to skate, I’d never played a team sport, I wasn’t very athletic AT ALL but there was something about it that made me want to push myself and not give up when it got tough (like so many other things in my life) and I am so thankful that I kept with it. It’s so much more than a sport to me. The people in this league are my derby family, they are my cheering section, they are my inspiration, they are my reason to push, they are my support group, they are what makes all the hard work worth it and I’m not sure they will ever know how much better my life is with them and this league in it.